We only make money when you do!

Adproval takes a flat, fair, and consistent 10% from every paid transaction through our service. From this we cover all payment fees, meaning no more than 10% is taken from each transaction.

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Payment Processing
Because we use Amazon Payments to process all transactions...
  • There are no monthly subscription fees
  • Bloggers get paid instantly upon approving ads
  • We cover all payment processing fees for you

*Note: Amazon Payments requires a US bank account

Fair-Play Pricing
We believe in Fair-Play Pricing because, as the name suggests, it is the most fair for everyone. You shouldn’t be paying transaction fees on top of processing fees on top of transfer fees on top of Adproval fees. We think that is too many fees, so we just don’t go there.

History of Fair-Play Pricing*
Fun fact for you: Fair-Play Pricing was invented by Theodore Roosevelt as a way to evenly charge customers for his business giving dog rides to children at State Fairs across the nation. Unfortunately for him, Teddy’s Ruff Riders turned out to be a failure. He blamed the economy and promptly turned to a career in politics. This twist of fate turned out to be a good thing for America as well as Adproval as Fair-Play Pricing lives.

*This paragraph is most likely not very true